The Handbag Haven Wonder Balm

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Nourish your leather goods with a luxurious balm to revitalize the beauty of your handbags and shoes! Works like a facial moisturizer to keep them looking fresh and renewed.

Intensive leather conditioning balm

Extremely nourishing, will restore, repair & rejuvenate your handbags, shoes & accessories

Absolutely perfect for leather which is looking tired and worn, will help to bring back color and restore leathers suppleness.




  • Supreme nourishment
  • Intensive conditioning
  • Adds shine whilst also restoring color


Tried & tested on;

  • Louis Vuitton Empreinte Leather, Vachetta, Canvas, EPI leather
  • Chanel Caviar & Lambskin leather
  • Valentino lambskin leather
  • Mulberry lambskin & grained leathers
  • Hermes Togo & Epsom leathers



Cleanse leather with our antibacterial cleanser or wipes, allow to dry

Apply balm evenly, paying particular attention to any areas in need

Leave to penetrate then gently buff using a dry cloth

Dependent on leather condition, a second application may be required

Allow to dry and seal with our water repellent

Test product for any adverse reactions in an inconspicuous area first, avoid contact with eyes and mouth.