Bag-a-Vie will preserve your handbag's shape and help prevent unsightly creasing, folding and cracking.

Simply place the Bag-a-Vie into your handbag and voila!  The proper fit will result in the Bag-a-Vie easily slipping into your bag and gently supporting and maintaining its original shape. 

At Bag-a-Vie, we know how you feel about your bags which is why we understand they are an investment to be cared for.  Protect them in style with Bag-a-Vie and maintain their value.

Bag-a-Vie... for the Love of Handbags!


*Bag-a-Vie bag inserts are patented under US Patent No. 9,265,315.
**Bag-a-Vie's ability to protect your handbag against moisture will depend on many factors including how humid the surrounding environment is.
You should always store all your leather products in a cool, dry place.